Copper Auto, Electronic, Mechanical Parts CNC Machining Part , Providing samples, Can small orders


Copper Auto, Electronic, Mechanical Parts CNC Machining Part , Providing samples, Can small orders

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Product Description

Note: The products are shown here are only to present the scope of our business activities, not for sale.

My skype :luochaoaaa1

1) All of our products are custom made, we made them per confirmed drawings or samples

2) The marked price is just for your reference, the actual trade price will be according to confirmed drawings or samples.

3) Please contact us to check the unit price before place order.

4) Shipping cost is showed in linkage are not real cost, please contact us when need our parts.

1: You can contact me ,if you have similar parts , need machining.

2: I will quote to you as soon as possible ,if you provide drawings or sample from email .

3: the drawing format is ok . ( 3D, igs, step, CAD, PDF)

About CNC Machining
1) Material: stainless steel, iron, copper or aluminum etc;
2) Surface treatment according to customer’s requirements can be polishing,zinc plating, nickel plating or chrome plating, acid washing etc;
3) Main equipment: CNC lathe, automatic lathe, hand lathe grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping drilling machine etc;
4) Advanced measuring & testing equipment: Projecting apparatus, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester etc;
5)Precision machining metal parts in OEM/ODM specifications
6) Equipment for consistent quality control in accordance with customers’ specifications
7)Machining Processing Methods: CNC Machining, General Engineering, Turning, Drilling, Polishing, Knurling,Tapping, Threading, Burnishing, Slab Milling, Face Milling and End Milling

About us
Dongguan step Lao all hair hardware factory is introduced
1: all hair factory is located in dongguan, guangdong province, China, Laos step town southwest industrial area, is
A use CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, automatic lathe foreign processing non-standard parts

2: can be processed, copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel of various materials.
3: We are welcome to contact, and the big or small batch order.
Address: China guangdong dongguan step town Lao floating zhushan district WenGe xing road 133.
Contact: LUOCHAO mobile phone +86 1364989898902
Telephone: +86 769 83301756 fax: +86 769 27205792
QQ number: 395603369
Skype: luochaoaaa1

Additional Information

Model Number

CNC machining custom parts



Processing method:

CNC milling,cnc lathe,metal stamping


CNC machining center,Engraving/Lache/Spark/Sandblast machine


+/- 0.02~0.05mm

Surface treatment:


Quotation lead time:

24 hours

Packaging Details

As required

Skype :




drawing format



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